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Why I’m deplorable, and you should be too.

Why I’m deplorable, and you should be too.

As some know, since 1990, I had to file bankruptcy due to the Rouse Company’s inflexibility of ma and pa businesses in their Columbia Village Centers. I was fined 15000 dollars by the IRS for missing one quarterly payment of half that amount. My beautiful young wife gave me a business card for Ace International, and said a man she served at the mall, said he could help me, and was having a seminar that night, So with nothing to lose I attended.

At that point, I was and still am a registered Independent. I didn’t really give a rat’s ass about politics. I was too busy trying to build my life. I liked life, I liked my friends and family and other than being a pot head, I was a pretty upstanding citizen.

What I heard at the Ace International seminar was the most ludicrous bunch of bullshit I ever heard, and as soon as I got home, I went to the law library to debunk all the nonsense….. but I couldn’t.

Each question when researched only lead to more questions, the road led down the rabbit hole and into some true enlightenment.

Global government can only exist in a totalitarian fascist form. The eutopia of world at peace with no borders is merely a slick application of lipstick on a pig. Humanity has always been at war with itself, since the first two tribes went at each other over a sack of pelts.
The only species which wars with itself, because a Human being half intellect and half animal is already in conflict with his inner being.

After 25 yrs of research, it is my belief that almost all wars today are contrived to reach the end of giving the UN sovereign reign over the planet. They are using war to create peace. This in itself is so contradictory, that the resulting peace will exist only as long as the gun barrels are present.

What I was ridiculed for 20 yrs ago, has all come to fruition, and alot of people are starting to catch on. One thing I can assure you, the deed is about complete. They control your mind, they control your information, they manipulate factions with this control, they control 99% of the wealth, they keep the weed unlawful, to keep you in check. They train the police, They tweek the news, They organize the factions against problems they themselves have contrived.

And one man is standing in their way.

Remember that true freedom is based on the individual, not the collective.

The 1% are doing everything in their power to demonize Trump with ad hominem attacks, and full well know that his election would bring a massive awareness to the master plan.
So if they think he is deplorable , embarrassing, unfit, unpredictable, then he’s got my vote.

go research the 1% and see who they’re donating to.

Where’s my tin foil hat?

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