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Why Can’t You Think For Yourself. Pt 1

Original thought, it is all but extinct. In the upper echelon of the “Social Pyramid of Power” , there are the celebrities. Rich beyond their wildest dreams, living life in a lavish style. They deliver to us televised entertainment and information. We love them, we cherish them, so much so, that the loss of a celebrity is a national event. The message they deliver is largely provided by people working behind the scenes, that message whether we like it or not is absorbed into our character, mostly through repetition, and bandwagon peer pressure to accept that message.

One must then accept the premise, that whoever controls the content of the messages received through TV, can yield much influence on the mindset of the viewing audience. Mass Media, just those two words are in summation the goal of it’s own existence.

Mind control, is not a conspiratorial myth. It has been substantiated as fact, the U.S. government carry out numerous propaganda and mind control programs to influence peoples thoughts and behaviors. A contemporary example of this is the 2016 election. Donald Trump the Republican candidate, for POTUS, was willfully attacked with perhaps the most aggressive tactics, I’ve seen from the media machine. Word’s like Hatred, Xenophobe, Racist, Misogynist, Homophobic, were repeated thousands of times,by virtually every member of the celebrity class. Once elected, the masses had been triggered and took to the streets causing mayhem.

Of course they could not have successfully pulled that off without careful preparation of the triggered. Music, Movies, TV Shows, News Broadcasts, and lately Social Media, have constantly bombarded the audiences receptors on what is good, and what is bad, and who to hate, and who to love.    Hatred, Xenophobe, Racist, Misogynist, Homophobic are all glorified through channels of entertainment, and we learn to tolerate, and accept all pre approved behavior.  So much so, that labeling another with one of these titles can ruin there lives, regardless of the actual truth of the matter.  It’s today’s modern version of witch hunting, and the mob of villagers are once again appeased at the demise of their victim.

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