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What’s Ahead?

A faction of individuals globally have come to clarity on the subjects of “Common Law VS Commercial Law” or Law of the Land vs Admiralty Law (the Law of the Sea or the Law of Money).
Possessing this knowledge will lend in comprehension of the subsequent article, but not needed to grasp the concept.

Technology and the evolution of AI machinery must soon undergo a rigorous debate on the global arena of just how far humans should proceed and more targeted thought on how will the masses be affected or manipulated to accept an epic void in many vocational positions and career opportunities.

The transition is in rapid deployment as I write this content. Intelligent Kiosks are popping up everywhere accomplishing many tasks which once required human intervention. Ticket Sales, Quick Serve Food Purchases, Blood Pressure Machines, Self Check-out Lanes, among other varieties. Self Driving Vehicles will soon be predominate on the highway systems trafficking commerce with No Man on board. Humans are not so slowly but certainly and surely being removed from the work force by automation.

Eventually, this will undoubtedly trigger a larger and larger portion of the population, unable to sustain themselves by traditional methods, and forced to either innovate new methods or survival, or become dependent upon the State for complete socialization of the masses.

My main concern is what will the Global Banking Cartel do when the value of their collateral put forth by Central Governing bodies drops down to near worthlessness of income tax revenue.

Knowing that people are collateral and the tax revenue they create by their labor, makes them highly valuable, and they are handled as value based commercial instruments; and knowing that a prudent banker will not accept under valued collateral, especially if the collateral has become so abundant, it’s cost of maintenance exceeds it’s income potential; it goes to reason that the value of the collateral must be increased by either decreasing the supply or increasing the demand. Since the increasing the demand isn’t prudent, because the efficiency of AI robotics has lessened the demand for MAN power, the only viable business decision would be to decrease the supply, or in other words…. depopulation on a large scale.

My advice, learn C++

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