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Could Bernie Sanders save America? I think he may very well be the only democrat, that can generate the energy, to take on Trump. I don’t think he can muster a win, but there is something that could happen, to change America forever.
Some of my liberal friends perceive most republicans to be tight necktie wearing, old, white men. To a degree, they are dead right, but there are also millions of hard working regular people republicans. These folks see a big government full of corruption, wasting their hard earned taxes, with abandon. These are the Trump republicans.
Bernie knows about the same corruption, the greed of a partnership between commerce and lawmakers, enriching only themselves, at the expense of many. These Bernie supporters are against the same corruption.

What ever you call it, The Deep State, Military Industrial Complex, Global Corporate Oligarchy, it’s all the same factions. They are not Republicans, and they are not Democrats.

A Sanders nomination would be met with the same disdain, as the Trump campaign and Presidency. He will be demonized, undermined, and played down, by the very same powers to be, that have tried relentlessly to destroy Trump.

Maybe then, when both parties realize, that they have lost their voice in their own government, will they unite as Americans, and reclaim the power which they have relinquished.

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