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We Have Found the Enemy, and He is Us!

I awoke in 1993, after a bout with the IRS. I was introduced to Ace, a guy from Save a Patriot in Hagerstown, MD.
Since then, I have researched the NWO conspiracy, beginning with HOTT and W.Cooper, and continuing on until the 21st century.
On 9/11, I suspected the Mossad before the towers fell.
I knew that no weapons of mass destruction would ever be found in Iraq.
I knew the market would crash before it crashed, I knew that the real estate bubble would pop, etc.
I knew that the MSM was just a propoganda machine, long before the term fake news was coined.
I’m not bragging, I’m just letting you know that research and investigation lead to insight.

All through the years, there has always been some common denominators and players that seem to always be in the middle of every tumultuous event in world history.
I. Fractional Reserve Bankers
II. Secret Societies
III. Royal Family ties.

The ironic twist to all of these is the fact that the end game is always the same; a one world totalitarian socialist regime, to govern the world under one banner, and seized control over the planet and it’s inhabitants.
So one needs only trace back to the original phrase New Order to expose the origins of the conspiracy.

I think many of you already know where this is leading. The Illuminati and the United States were both established in the same year. One being based in Europe, and the other being in the “New World”.
Democractic self governance was a hot political debate of the day. Many founding fathers claimed that as well intentioned as it was, man was not righteous or disciplined enough to sustain such a government.
America was used to prove this point, and fail, allowing a totalitarian global regime to exist in Honor, for allowing the common man an opportunity to govern himself.

The country went to hell in a hand-basket by the early 19th century, and was re-established as model for global government during the reconstruction era after the war between the states. A strong Central government, ruling sectioned off areas of land which were called states, but had little if any true soveriegnty.

Yes, the freemason fathers of America knew that democracy would fail, but would use that failure as the main rationale to establish central rule.

America is the model for global government. A strong central body, ruling numerous weakened smaller areas, who are under the illusion of self-governance, yet have no freedom to take any course of action without being told to do so, or asking permission to do so.

The banking system controls the flow of wealth, which controls the behaviour of the masses, and the U.S. Military polices the globe, to conquer non-banking-system countries, and reign back in those who won’t tow the line.

It is time to take back our honor now, and right the wrong that the U.S. has done by being the bitch henchman of the global bankers, and international corporations; and set the world free from the paper chains that bind it to obedience.

Were the founding fathers majority, freemasons?
Where is the U.N Headquarters?
Where is the World Bank Headquarters?
Who is the secretary of treasury for the IMF?
U.S. Sec of Treasury
How many of the last 5 statehoods invaded by the U.S. were Global Banking participants?
What is the first objective accomplished after these regime changes?
Establishment of a Central Bank.

Global Control over information, money, and natural resources, will undoubtedly render control over the global population. Once established, there will be no dissent. Those who do, will simply be denied the ability to do business in the public market and be forced to either assimilate, or utilize the black market for any goods they need for daily survival.

Knowing all of this there are a few things that will definitely be occurring in the near future.
Major population decrease, whether through starvation, war, or disaster. The population has grown once again to an unmanageable size and the steps to decrease the number of people on earth, and especially 3rd world countries will be in full swing.
More centralization of currencies. Look for a North American Currency to match the Euro, and also an Asian and Middle Eastern form of money. If the banksters can seize control of cybercurrency markets, than this would be a viable way to unifi the money market.
Less Soveriegnty. I can’t say fewer borders, as I believe the borders will remain, they will just mean less. Trade agreements and international laws will render them as meaningful as the royal family, just figureheads to please the mob.

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