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The Two Elements of Winning a War – Force & Influence

Force and influence are the two tools of winning a war. Force used alone is merely destruction. Influence is the primary objective, and force is a highly effective form of encouraging swift, if not yet voluntary, compliance to the dictate of the conquering entity.

Using force against any state can only foment resentment against the aggressor. It is in the aggressor’s interest to align, through influence, as many of the people as possible to their agenda. This must take place prior to , during and after any forceful aggression.

Today we live in world of information. Influencing someone is accomplished by putting forth information that sets or alters their perception on any given topic. In short, information is influence. Properly utilized dispersal of information, could influence targeted subjects. These subjects would not even know that they were being led. If the information is authored to a targeted conclusion, which would bend the recipients opinion, influence is achieved without so much as a dialogue.

This means that today’s information infrastructure has or certainly will be, weaponized to win wars.


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