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The Government of Religion and Banking pt1

Now that I have explained how I think government SHOULD work , based on nature and it’s relationship to man, I want to try to explain where things are today, and how we arrived here.

Man’s most toxic product derived as a result of, manipulating his environment to adapt to his needs.  Willfullness.

Once an individual, family, village, feudal lord etc., imposes his will on another, in order to advance his own security in property and status, disregarding the balance of the community, a destructive cycle begins, and more often than not continues to it’s completion.  I will elaborate on this in another segment, but it needs to set the premise for this post.

If a person of average intelligence can observe and learn in the span of his own life, the relationship of nature and man, then imagine this scenario. I teach my knowledge to my son, who continues to observe and learn, who teaches his son, and so on. Eventually, my descendants  will have  enough wisdom and know how to manipulate anyone by providing the correct action to render the anticipated reaction.


Fear must surely be man’s greatest motivator. Fear of losing something he owns, or someone he loves, or ultimately his own life, can cause a man to act in manners that would never occur naturally in a secure environment.  There is no easier way to manipulate someone, than convincing them at a certain action or inaction will vanquish the fear he is experiencing.


Man can also be controlled by  manipulation of his physical, mental, or emotional comfort levels. The most obvious of examples being forced servitude, where one is forced to labor for another by the Discomfort of a whip, and a real and present Fear of that whip.

Slavery is manipulation of a man’s behavior, through FEAR of DISCOMFORT.



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