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The Global Liberal Order VS The President of the united States…or a Great Year for Soros.

The Liberal Global Order (LGO)  is comprised mainly of the UN, Global Banks & Corporations and Media conglomerates, The Military Industrial Complex, and private foundations like the Council of Foreign Relations and Open Society have all spawned out of the Fabian Society of Socialists.

Notice the Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. This is POWER and CONTROL in the guise of HUMAN RIGHTS; the Fabian’s Coat of Arms.

The Fabian Socialists aren’t so much interested in the humanitarian causes they espouse, but moreover to consolidate their wealth and control over the entire world.

Since WW2 ended, the LGO has developed a script of action in their quest for global dominance. Tulsi Gabbard calls them “Regime Change Wars”. The intelligence community working through NGOs and Foundations, foment unrest among a portion of the citizenry, the media spins this unrest into a crisis that needs Allied Interventions to remove the “bad actor” state leader and install a puppet socialist “Democratic” government by election rigging or coup. Once the puppets are in place, then the financial deals are made and the state is then placed deeply into debt and beholding to the demands of the IMF and World Bank.

They are building a one world socialist totalitarian order which is designed only to consolidate power and wealth to the players involved.

Human rights seems to be an after thought which is almost always completely corrupt and comes second to stripping the country of natural resources and installing a Rothchild monetary system.

Enter Donald Trump. The outside disrupter aiming at dismantling the socialist order and restoring, at least the U.S. reputation as the Leader of the Free World, also to  expose the agenda which is taking power away from the people and return it back to the people . In any case, this U.S. President has for any reason, been under relentless attack by the Liberal politicians, the Main Stream Media, and the bureaucratic foreign services.

So has the regime change script now come home to finish off the country after suffering years of divisive rhetoric and weakened foreign policy.

Open Society and the Socialist Party heavily funded the post election turmoil which lasted for months, and the “resistance” is born.

Global allies and Media outlets have spun the spin, and now Trump has been demonized to the point of being conceived as a despotic tyrannical dictator.

The impeachment has begun and if all goes well for the establishment, the regime change will occur, undoubtedly followed by turning the demonization to the Republican Party, just to ensure longevity.

You tell me, but this looks like just another day of Soros and the IGO nation building for the NWO.

Interviews from the FSO indicate that the upper level strategy is to try to maintain as much progress made as possible until the President is removed.

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