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Football – America’s Sacred Cow

Is there anything more American than NFL football? Yes there is, it’s the national anthem. So much so, that there is a written law imposing that a certain behavior and conduct of one’s self while the song is being played. A conduct of honor, not only to the countless men who gave their lives in battles for freedom, but to the flag that they fought beneath. If a man who makes multiple millions of dollars, for playing a game of catch with other millionaires,  wants to express his personal beliefs, why not spend some of that hard earned cash on buying airtime to do so? He could certainly deliver his message in a more clear and concise manner, without disrespecting the very principles that allow him to enjoy the posh lifestyle that he suffers.

What is even more disheartening is that the league did not suspend him for his actions, but allowed the disrespect to spread like an illness through the league. Even worse is that the public showed back up to the stadiums and tuned back in on the networks to participate in this disrespect. YES, if you took part in being a spectator after this players action, and the leagues lack of action, then you are as disrespectful as the players that refuse to stand in reverence of the American flag.  You are not only condoning his behavior , you are encouraging the arrogance to do so.




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