Breedloves's Folk Songs


This is a song written, pre-apartheid, and refers to the long trek to Pretoria (the Capital of
South Africa). The people had nothing, but they had each other and that was what was
important. The Afrikaners were traditionally called Boers in the past. This term isn’t used
very often any more however and in some parts can even be considered an unacceptable
term. Funny…we were all singing this in my school in 1973, and we didn’t even know
what it meant?.
I’m with you and you’re with me
And so we’re all together.
So we’re all together
So we’re all together
Sing with me, I’ll sing with you
And so we will sing together
As we march along.
Cho: We are marching to Pretoria, Pretoria, Pretoria
We are marching to Pretoria, Pretoria today.
We have food, the food is good,
And so we will eat together.
So we will eat together
So we will eat together.
When we eat, ’twill be a treat,
So let us sing together
As we march along:
(make up verses