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“Love Is Our Cross To Bear” is a song by John Gorka from his album “Land Of the Bottom Line”. A song with many possibilities – different for each listener.

The act of loving someone can be a painful process. Loving some one puts our heart in the open where it can be more easily hurt. The things people sometimes do to hurt one another hurt more when it is done by someone we love. Like bearing a cross we bear all the wory and pain that goes into loving and caring for someone. However life would not be worth living with out love. A life with out love is not truely a life lived.


I didn’t know where to look for you last night

I didn’t know where to find you

I didn’t know how I could touch that light

That’s always gathering behind you

I didn’t know that I would find a way

To find you in the morning

But love can pull you out of yesterday

As it takes you without warning

I want to be a long time friend to you

I want to be a long time known

Not one of your memory’s used-to-bes

A summer’s fading song

Chorus: It’s from me, it’s to you

For your eyes

It’s a weight, a wonder that is wise

I am here, you are there

Love is our cross to bear

I know I’ll think of us upon that hill

With the golden moon arising

And the stars will fall around us still

While the love is realizing

And so it is until we meet again

And I throw my arms around you

You can count the gray hairs in my head

I’ll still be thankful that I found you





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