Mountain Politics

Living in The Moment

Modern technology has given us the gift of instantaneous access to the entire world. Our minds are now dedicated to processing a constant flow of information, neglecting the patience of contemplation, prior to reaction. That void of thought has been readily replaced by the comment sections, and post ratings.

The paradoxid result of this expanded volume of information, is a population of easily manipulated sponges, parroting that which an admired spokesperson blurted out in a tweet. Research and sourcing of current event reporting has been replaced by fact checkers “debunking” stamps of authenticity and veritas.

Results of our new media age have us jumping from one major crisis to the next, like a frog crossing the pond on lily pads. The world now reacts in unison to which ever dictate comes down through the bandwidth, never stopping for a minute to reflect on long term consequences. The urgency of every crisis won’t allow for any time wasted on deliberations. Any dissenting views are quashed by the algorithms of our digital overlords.

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