Liberals, Repent!

What sets man apart from other animals is his free will to contemplate and then choose his course of action. If man just acted on his instinctual urges he would be no different than animals. Society has associated with it a collection of morays that all fall under the control of one’s self discipline to either proceed or resist each and every action through his life.

In my mind there is no such thing as a progressive liberal, this would imply progress of the human spirit, that would entail enhancing the human portion of man, and cautiously reserving instinctual reactions to moments when thought, can no longer preserve his existence.

If you have a strong faith in a higher being, then you may conceive that there are opposing deities that pull one away from a righteous life.

Today’s liberals seem to be fully advocating living on one’s animal urges as primary, and exercising intellectual logic and societal assimilation when it is convenient and requires little or no, behavioral guidance and self control. Let’s take a look at what the liberal politico supports.

Homosexuality- A perversion of the natural reproductive copulation for the single purpose of physical pleasure.

Abortion- The homicide of an unborn child, for the single purpose of avoiding responsibility of one’s action’s.

Feminism- The attempt to make equal, what is not equal, which will and always will, revolve around sexuality. This seems to have brought the female gender down the evolutionary ladder of moral intellect, to enable less peer judgement about permiscuous women, and deterioration of the family structure.

All these things used to be abhorrent to the majority of people, but “progress?” has led most to believe that these acts are rights and must not only be tolerated, but protected by the force of law.

In many  a story in almost any book of faith, these traits were viewed as regressive, and once these regressions reached a critical mass, the Deity usually ended up wiping out the majority and leaving a few moral humans left to try again.





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