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Jesus Christ was an Anarchist

PREFACE: Anarchy like so many other words in the age of double talk, should not be associated with anything evil or good. It is in definition merely the complete absence of government. Although one would think that this existence is not feasible and that chaos would certainly ensue,  remember that anarchy and chaos should not be perceived to mean the same. Chaos has manifested itself though the most rigid governmental structures. Since the success of anarchy depends solely on empathy (see “How Govt Should Work” posts) then by logic, a truly righteous government would strive to allow as much anarchy, as natural balance will allow. Anarchy still has leaders and organization, but the rules are not enforced by duress, they are encouraged by social acceptance.

In the previous posts about “how government should work” a distinct comparison of the two basic tenets of government, Empathy and  Survival. Survival being acheived by control. While Empathy is guided by natural balance, A government formed on pure Empathy is in essence an anarchy, while pure control would be a totalitarian regime.

Jesus Christ was an example of someone who experiences pure empathy. This is evident in all of his teachings and proclaimed explicitly in the golden rule. “Do unto thy neighbor as thou would have thy neighbor do unto you.” If the inhabitants of this planet all adhered to this one rule, there surely would be no requirement of an established oligarchy.

The “survivalist controllers” or the global elite, being manipulative, use the teachings of empathy by Christ, as their stated goal of each new dictate.  Today’s society is under the false impression that morality can be legislated, and any opponent of these dictates are demonized as unfeeling or bitter people getting in the way of “progress”.  Meanwhile the legislation in question, always seems to benefit the lawmakers cronies, far more than the intended beneficiaries. Empathy like peace, must come from a natural point of balance, otherwise it’s existence is maintained by using duress on those unwilling to participate.