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how government SHOULD work pt3

NOTE: this is but a skimming of the surface of the details contained, so to the uninformed reader, it may sound to unbelievable to fathom. If you ask for details on certain points of content in the comment section, I will do my best to explain further.

Around the time of the American explorations , Britain had expanded it’s empire to all the reaches of the world, and needed to stretch her military quite thin in order to maintain control. By now the idea of central banking was also being solidified. These bankers ruled by debt, and were becoming rich from lending the king money to fund his expansion. Freemasonry, which has long been suspected of being the spiritual compass that is used by the elite, was also growing in power by placing masons in all positions of the “governments” of England. Much of this took place throughout Europe, but alliances built through marriage and treaties gave the royals control over commerce for the empire. This is the same time that the idea of Self Government was spawned by the freemason founding fathers of our country, To unify existing soveriegns under a contract which put forth the rules of trading between and abroad, and providing for a common defense. ┬áThere you have the two main objectives of the royal elites, secure the commerce and protect the commerce. Often referred to as the great experiment which it was, America survived a test of unity through the war between the states, so the banker royals decided to pump all of their money into their new crowd control.

So you think we won our freedom from Great Britain, think again, the King never gave up his power to conduct commerce amongst the states and still has a firm hand in all of the customs and commerce in this land.

Next came the world wars , and the new industrial giant of the global cause, built a defense structure which had few rivals, and further agreements were made amongt the countries of western Europe and the Americas. The banking and royal family cartels quickly legitimized their infant global government with a big shiny headquarters in New York, and a newly formed country by their decree, and Palestine became Israel.

The foundation was finished.



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