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How government should work part2

Following the individual, and his/her ability to self govern themselves, the next level of government must be the family unit. When two individuals join in marriage, they form this unit and begin to expand through their offsprings.

The Family concept is perhaps the most effective form of small government. When a family remains close knit, and works together , it can accumulate wealth, property, and regional influence over the geographical area in which it resides.

It has the patriarchs and matriarchs who rule from experience over their descendants,  and develop a set of morays which become for lack of a better term, the Law. This alleviates some of the conflicts which arise between non related individuals because a family will admonish any of it’s members for damaging the family’s reputation, therefore bridling their behaviour amongst non members.

There are rewards and punishments distributed to family members according to their participation and contribution to the well being of the unit. Regardless of how the behavior of family members are dealt with, by the elders, all relatives are assured that these family rules and regulations are truly for the wellness and prosperity of the “subjects”.

When a family can remain in tact, they can and will, generate property and valuables which pass to the next generation, and over time can mass a comfortable if not massive fortune.

Like individuals , families can have conflicts and alliances with other families. Classic examples of this scene are apparent in tales of the Hatfields and McCoys, or even Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Marriage of one family member to another member of a different family is a rapid way to expand a family’s size and wealth, and also a way that can make allies of opponents. This is also demonstrated through time in modern and classic literature.

Of course in order to settle disputes between two families there is now a choice which doesn’t really exist at the individual level, the choice of more government. or allowing the families to settle the dispute between themselves, by pen or by sword.

If you think that we have progressed from this level to our modern form of government, then you have some studying to do. The entire world is presently under the control of less than 20 families who have established what we today know as government. So in essence what we believe to be government is actually a very well organized way of allowing the serfs to keep themselves under control and simultaneously pay massive tribute to the royal families.

Now that you have this information, you will more easily understand the push forward to centralize the control under the direction of the UN or similar global government.

But I thought these articles were about how government should work.?! I hope you weren’t too misled.  In all reality you have already been mislead into thinking , that you are free because you live in a country with laws which enable you to be free in both  mind and body.

However , once a truly centralized form of governing is fully established, the few liberties we still possess will be stripped away from us, for the good of the whole, which means the security of the royalty.

You can stop here or wait for part 3, In part three i will explain how centralized global government was contrived and put into practice as the United States of America.



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