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How government should work. part 1

What is government? In a most basic response , government is an entity which controls it’s subject’s lives.

To the degree in which government exercises this control is a variable. Logically, one would deduct, that the degree of control, should be a direct reaction to the subject’s capacity for self control.

The most basic form of government is self discipline. A person’s conscience in contrast to a person’s actions. Conscience comes in two forms foresight and hindsight, cause and effect. The human being’s conscience is often in conflict with one’s animal instincts, and this is at the core, the true root of all that is wrong and all that is right with man’s existence.

Conscience decisions of  actions are guided by empathy and survival, empathy being the human conscience portion of the scenario, and survival being the animal like instinctual reflex. Empathy is what lacks most in predator species, and man being a predator species is by nature, in conflict with himself at all times.

These are the tools which man uses to govern himself.  However, some humans choose a lesser degree of control, and lack or ignore their empathy, to a degree in which a conflict with another is manifested, which renders a need for resolution. Resolution is reached by either compromise or surrender. Which aspect of resolution is utilized can vary widely on environmental catalysts.

So a third party is needed to ensure a fair resolution. Government .

How government should work part2

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