Breedloves's Folk Songs


In 1934, Sonny Boy Williamson moved to Chicago, where a thriving blues scene was in
full swing. An experienced artist, he immediately made his imprint, first as a much-
recruited accompanist and, when he began to play his own compositions, as a much-
sought-after headliner. Three years after he moved to the “Windy City,” Williamson made
his first recording, “Good Morning, Little School”, for Victor’s subsidiary Bluebird label.
This recording introduced his unusual, individualistic, and widely influential instrumental
style of “squeezed” notes and “crossed-harp” playing–his distinctive style was imitated
by many other musicians. From 1937 to 1945, Williamson recorded for the Bluebird
label, sharing many sessions with guitarist Big Joe Williams.
Good mornin’ ‘lil school girl,
can I go home, can I go home with you?
Tell your mother and your father,
I’m a little school boy too
Woke up this mornin’,
woke up this mornin’,
I didn’t know what to,
I didn’t know what to do
I didn’t have no blues,
baby, bit I couldn’t be satisfied
I’m gettin’ me an airplane,
I’m gettin’ me an airplane,
get in my airplane
Gon’ fly all oh-oh, gon’ fly all over this land
I’m gonna find my little school girl,
find her in the world somewhere
Good mornin’ ‘lil school girl,
good mornin’ ‘lil school girl
Can I go home with, can I go home with,
can I go home with you?
Tell your mother and your father,
Johnny little school boy too
Come be my baby, come be my baby,
I buy you a diamond, I buy you a diamond ring
You don’t be my little baby,
I ain’t gonna buy you a doggone ring


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