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“Get Thee Behind Me Satan” is a popular song written by Irving Berlin for the 1936 film
Follow the Fleet”, where it was introduced by Harriet Hilliard. It was originally written
for Ginger Rogers in Top Hat” (1935). It was the reply of Jesus when Satan offered him
all the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would worship him. Jesus spoke these words on
another occasion. He told his disciples that he would have to be killed and then raised
from the dead, and Peter objected that this should not happen. Jesus saw Peter as a
tempter, trying to talk him out of doing what he was put on Earth to do. He then spoke the
same words, “Get thee behind me, Satan,” to Peter.
Get thee behind me, Satan
I want to resist
But the moon is low and I can’t say “No”
Get thee behind me
Get thee behind me, Satan
I mustn’t be kissed
But the moon is low and I may let go
Get thee behind me
Someone I’m mad about
Is waiting in the night for me
Someone that I mustn’t see
Satan, get thee behind me
He promised to wait
But I won’t appear and he may come here
Satan, he’s at my gate
Get thee behind me
Stay where you are
Its too late