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End Game – COVID-19 – The Mind Stone

Parallels abound upon examination of Marvel’s epic story of the infinity stones. Thanos encompasses the phrase, ‘the ends justify the means”. A terminology to rationalize the life of individuals in contrast to the good of society.

The Mind Stone, once obtained, enabled Thanos to unleash an instant pandemic upon the globe, diminishing the population back to a more manageable size. All done with a snap of his fingers.

Regardless of how Covid-19 found it’s way into the public domain, whether intentionally, or by happenstance, their has undoubtedly occurred, an action.

As we all know, for every action there is a reaction. This particular reaction, in relativity to the causing action, will be global, and will mandated, and any resistance will be met with it’s momentus force.

As we know, the main opposing forces in the world today, are that of two political philosophies. One of globalism, the other national sovereignty. The globalists have an iron fisted control over most all commerce, and military resources around the world, and a solid foothold on political control throughout. The nationalists are experiencing a rapid growth of support, from much of the inhabitants, of many countries across the sphere. The globalists are losing their foothold, and becoming desperate as they lose support, and more importantly trust of the masses.

The reaction to Covid-19 has used fear, and mind control to confine the masses and dismantle the monetary system.

I fully admit that this virus is deadly, and measures need taking to slow the transmission, but guarding against tyrannical resolutions should be 2nd on the priority list.

If you’ve been following the banking and financial news of late, you will have undoubtedly read about many major banks being unable to remain viable without nightly loans from the reserve banks. The interest on the federal debt  cancelling out the gross domestic product growth. Interest rates of 0% and less being the key indicator that the dollar is now “worthless”.

The solution to this is basically, to dismantle the present monetary system and present to the world a new global currency and new digital monetary system.

Could you imagine the backlash if the government would make this announcement, absent any crisis.

Could you imagine the backlash if the government would make this announcement, absent the virus, with solely a financial crisis. Recent bailouts have left a majority of the public sour on this repetitive handouts to billionaires, while the middle class shrinks and the hungry eat ramen.

The pandemic is the perfect vehicle for the power grab that will solidify global control, and put an end to the nationalist movement. They will tell you that this is the only way to save the world, and sadly at this point… it probably is, but the costs will be unredeemable.

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