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Charlie Poole was the leader of the North Carolina Ramblers, an American old time
string band that recorded many popular songs from 1925 to 1930.
Charlie Poole and his brother-in-law, fiddler Posey Rorer – whom he had met in West
Virginia in 1917 and whose sister he ended up marrying – formed a trio with guitarists
Norman Woodlieff and Roy Harvey in 1925 called the North Carolina Ramblers. The
group auditioned in New York for Columbia Records. After landing a contract, they
recorded the hugely successful “Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down” on July 27, 1925. This
song sold over 102,000 copies at a time when there were estimated to be only 600,000
phonographs in Southern United States, according to Poole’s biographer Kinney Rorrer.
The band was paid $75 for the session.
Well, I’ve been all around this whole wide world
Been down to sunny Alabam
My mama always told me, Son
Never let your deal go down
Don’t let your deal go down
Don’t let your deal go down
Don’t let your deal go down
Till your last gold dollar is gone
Well, the last time I seen that gal of mine
She was standing in the door
She said honey I’ll be a long time gone
You’ll never see your gal no more
Well, I’m going sown the railroad track
Gonna take my rocking chair
If there doggone blues don’t leave my mind
I’m gonna run away from here