How Government Should Work pt4

There is one word, that can be used to summarize all of the different reasons,¬†why¬†humanity has reached it’s present day situation. Survival It is the single most important instinct of any species. It’s easy to be plant or beast, there are no decisions in life, all action and interaction is based solely on instinctual reflex. […]

how government SHOULD work pt3

NOTE: this is but a skimming of the surface of the details contained, so to the uninformed reader, it may sound to unbelievable to fathom. If you ask for details on certain points of content in the comment section, I will do my best to explain further. Around the time of the American explorations , […]

Football – America’s Sacred Cow

Is there anything more American than NFL football? Yes there is, it’s the national anthem. So much so, that there is a written law imposing that a certain behavior and conduct of one’s self while the song is being played. A conduct of honor, not only to the countless men who gave their lives in […]

How government should work part2

Following the individual, and his/her ability to self govern themselves, the next level of government must be the family unit. When two individuals join in marriage, they form this unit and begin to expand through their offsprings. The Family concept is perhaps the most effective form of small government. When a family remains close knit, […]

Why I’m deplorable, and you should be too.

Why I’m deplorable, and you should be too. As some know, since 1990, I had to file bankruptcy due to the Rouse Company’s inflexibility of ma and pa businesses in their Columbia Village Centers. I was fined 15000 dollars by the IRS for missing one quarterly payment of half that amount. My beautiful young wife […]

How government should work. part 1

What is government? In a most basic response , government is an entity which controls it’s subject’s lives. To the degree in which government exercises this control is a variable. Logically, one would deduct, that the degree of control, should be a direct reaction to the subject’s capacity for self control. The most basic form […]