The Government of Religion and Banking pt4

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I keep bringing up balance, not physical, but natural balance. Thankfully in remote parts of this planet are communities that still maintain natural balance. Rich, Smart, and Charismatic humans refer to these people not as someone living harmoniously with nature, as Able had done, but instead, label them as Primative. Savages because they are not […]

How Government Should Work- Conclusion

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The equal distribution of all natural forces (gravity, velocity, centrifugal, etc) are what establish and maintain a natural balance. The planet revolves and rotates, but the balance of gravity vs centrifugal force keeps us from flying away and at the same time allows us to move freely about the surface. Balance is taken away, when […]

How Government Should Work pt9

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Before I summarize how government SHOULD work, lets bring all the previous points of thought together in what I hope will clarify my intended conclusion. A human is a life form, all life forms possess survival instincts which they utilize to maintain the existence of their particular species. Empathy and Intellect are the human life form’s […]

How Government Should Work pt8

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DOUBLE STANDARD Duality is . Left-Right, Right-Wrong,Love-Hate,Peace-War,Freedom-Captivity,Black-White,Up-Down,Action-Reaction,Man-Woman,Have-Have not. The list can go on… We live in a world of duality, so much so, that even the majority of singluar life forms are made up of different pairs of parts, one half symmetric to the other. Two humans can unite to create another completely independent human. […]

How Government Should Work pt7

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Recapping once again, we have man’s Survival through  Reason,  which results in community. We have Money and Banking , which sets the standard of value and the control of that value. We have Law and Order which maintains community stability. CONTROL is ORDER Now that we have established that there is a power structure existing naturally in […]

How Government Should Work pt6

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LAW AND ORDER Prior to moving forward, let’s recap what has been stated in the preceding segments of this journal. A human being’s natural priority of life is his own Survival, with his primary asset in doing so ,being his ability to Reason his thoughts. A Family’s natural benefit and priority is to ensure that Survival, through […]

How Government Should Work pt5

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I have but glanced upon the nature of government, and nature of man, and to further expound would lead off into many topics. I think I have provided a good  introduction for moving into the topics in the upcoming posts, under this title. MONEY – The Strongest of Chains. The rich get richer… and so […]

How Government Should Work pt4

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There is one word, that can be used to summarize all of the different reasons, why humanity has reached it’s present day situation. Survival It is the single most important instinct of any species. It’s easy to be plant or beast, there are no decisions in life, all action and interaction is based solely on instinctual reflex. […]