Jesus Christ was an Anarchist

PREFACE: Anarchy like so many other words in the age of double talk, should not be associated with anything evil or good. It is in definition merely the complete absence of government. Although one would think that this existence is not feasible and that chaos would certainly ensue,  remember that anarchy and chaos should not […]

Political Theatre 2016

Political Theatre source by roller24 » October 18th, 2016, 5:33 pm     It’s unsettling in my mind how this election 2016 this is playing out like a  Hollywood blockbuster. The players all come from the national stage, there are no “new” players in this game. The global elite did not become the global elite without meticulous […]

The Middle East – United States Timeline 1927-2003

This is a 2 1/2 minute history of the US/Saudi partnership. Taken from the movie, “The Kingdom” Although ties with the middle east and the united States began as early as Andrew Jackson’s presidency, I will start this timeline around the time that oil became the primary natural resource of the region. It is this […]

How Banking SHOULD Work. Pt2

EMERGENCY! Senate report 93-549 The above Senate report is a detailed paper on the bankruptcy of the United States Government.  The Great Depression was an opportunity for the banks to complete their strangle hold on the united States monetary system. In addition to REAL money the Federal Reserve made loans to the United States Government […]

World War 3 Started this week

“LET ME GRAB YOU BY THE P*&^%” or YOU should be asking WHY the media hasn’t told you, that globalist bankers have successfully, started World War 3. because they want to talk about genitalia. Before you scroll down, ponder this. In The Year 2000 There Were Eight Countries Without A Rothschild-Owned Central Bank: They were […]

Jack Control

The most effective way of taking control over another man’s actions, and imposing upon him your will, is through debt. When the Devil, by any name, seduces his devotees, it is the devotee, that must ask or ratify the relation. This is exactly how banks offer credit. through seductive ads and giving the consumer, a […]

You don’t know Jack

Without too much thought, what pops into your mind about this image? When I was a child, I often pondered his position in the chain of royalty.  The king and queens were easy to distinguish, and everyone knows that they the top of the power structure. The Ace varies these days in it’s ability to […]

The Government of Religion and Banking -conclusion

The pyramid structure itself, has demonstrated it’s stability in Egypt and elsewhere in various ancient cultures, they are still intact after centuries of  exposure, and remain virtually unscathed by time. It is uncertain to me, when or who devised the political power model of the pyramid, but the information that I have researched, points toward the […]

The Government of Religion and Banking pt5

We can conclude, that there exists now two different models of civil order. One being the order of natural balance metaphorically described as a pendulum. The other being order by control within the developed power structure which is designed as a pyramid. The pyramid being geometrically the shape easiest to stabilize due to it’s wide […]

The Government of Religion and Banking pt4

I keep bringing up balance, not physical, but natural balance. Thankfully in remote parts of this planet are communities that still maintain natural balance. Rich, Smart, and Charismatic humans refer to these people not as someone living harmoniously with nature, as Able had done, but instead, label them as Primative. Savages because they are not […]