Breedloves's Folk Songs


“Bury Me Beneath the Willows”, as originally recorded by The Carters, was written and
sung from the perspective of a woman. Songs sung from the woman’s perspective were
common to the Appalachian ballads. I chose to reproduce lyrics below more in line with
the style of Doc Watson’s or Ricky Skaggs’ rendition of the song. “Bury Me Beneath the
Willows” also deals with death (another favorite subject of bluegrass/folk music) but this
time it is the death of a broken hearted lover. In this particular song, the death does not
appear to be the result of foul play. This is in direct contrast with songs such as “Little
Sadie”, “Little Glass of Wine”, “Down in the Willow Garden”, “Banks of the Ohio” and
Another item of note is that the lyrics below speak from the perspective of a man pining
for a wayward loved one. “She told me that she dearly loved me…” but is off
somewhere unknown “…courting with another” the day before the wedding. The last
verse just speaks volumes about the issue and the entire song, although short, weaves the
story of lost love quite well. This song has now been recorded by countless musicians
and has become somewhat of a Bluegrass standard.
My heart is sad I am lonely,
For the only one I love.
When shall I see her? Oh, no never,
‘Til we meet in heaven above.
(Chorus): Oh, bury me beneath the willow,
Under the weeping willow tree.
So she will know where I am sleeping,
And perhaps she’ll weep for me.
She told me that she did not love me,
I could not believe it true.
Until an angel softly whispered,
She no longer cares for you.
Tomorrow was to be our wedding,
God oh God where can she be.
She’s gone, she’s gone and found another,
And no longer cares for me