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Banjo Dogma Part One

No religion is derived from a deity, they are all contrived by man.

If one man is worthy of being spoken to by a God, then all men must be as worthy.

No man has ever given witness to a deity speaking or otherwise, sending a message to another man; he is only told of this experience from another man.

God has never spoken to me , and has never spoken to you, or any other human in this earth’s existence. You will never hear another man say, “I witnessed God speaking to that man.”  You will often hear of a man, who said God spoke to him, but in fact, this is the word of that man, not God.

You will only be told by a man, of what he was told by a man, in simple words, there is no evidence of God ever contacting a man, only hearsay.

So there is no religion based on the “word of God”, only the word of man. So religion is not of god, but of man.  Any man who claims to have been spoken to by God, is most likely reiterating his thoughts or mental dreams, which he perceives as God, and somehow convinces others that it was in fact God choosing him out of all the people on earth, to communicate a message for him to minister to the remaining billions who exist.

God, if he is able to communicate with one, can certainly communicate with all.

Quite absurd is the belief that  one man chosen by God to be his prophet, and tasked with convincing mankind as a whole what God told him, to dictate how all men should live their entire existence. We are told that we have to accept this dogma on faith, by believing that God exists, but will never reveal himself  to us, and our post mortal eternal conscientiousness  will be determined only by the acceptance of his decree to that man who claims to have been told this by the deity.

Even more absurd is the belief that another man, on another continent, also received a message directly from God. His message contradicts the dogma put forth by the first “prophet”.  Like the other, this dogma will also determine a mans afterlife, based purely on the word of one man, that prophet.

Beyond absurdity, the prophets also profess that the other’s dogma, who is wholly based only upon that which he claims, must be obliterated because it is a falsehood, and what God told him is the only truth, and what God told the other is a lie or wrong, yet neither prophet has any proof save his own word, that he actually ever was spoken to by the creator.

Simply, it’s his word against another mans word, with no substance in either, except that which each claims.

Presently, in existence, there are dozens of these dogmas. All solely based upon what one man claims, against the claims of another. All saying that what God told him, is the truth, and theirs is the falsehood.

Let that sink in.


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