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Banjo Dogma Part 2

Inspired by this video, I wrote part two of the Banjo Dogma
Regardless of your faith, or lack there of, all species are naturally prone to not only protect, but to expand their own species through reproduction. This is the order and balance of all that exist…. every effort taken by the non-human animal and the vegetative, and even the cellular life forms on earth, are either to maintain or expand their species existence.
When you see to 2 beasts fighting to the death that are of the same species, this is also related to my theory. They  battle over who gets to be the Alpha or Reproductive male within the group. This fighting determines the stronger and healthier of the two males, and most often, the stronger male prevails, and by genetic theory, the offspring will be healthy, strong members.
Man is the only species which has departed this natural discourse, mostly due to his being gifted with high intellect. He does not adapt to nature and his environment, man rather, changes his environment to suit his needs. This contrast of behavior is what makes man a man, and the beast, a beast.
This makes one ask, Is man a natural life form? Is he a super-natural life form? Is his exodus from living naturally, and becoming a manipulator of nature, due to a genetic trait or an external intervention. If it were a genetic trait, it must be a strange mutation to take him from physical strength and endurance to exist, into a defense mechanism which requires intellect far exceeding any other species. If it were external, it would have to have been another being or deity (for lack of a better term) which also exists the intellectual existence.
Man is the only species that kills his own species for non-reproductive/existence. Man kills through a loss or apathy toward his emotional response of empathy. He justifies setting aside his empathy with his intellect.
¬†Man’s intellect is in constant conflict with his emotions, which are derived from his departure from animal instinct, emotions are what make us act in the moment, they drive our actions and can only be tethered or fueled by our intellect.
When man’s intellect is in balance with his emotions, then the dog will die. When his intellect is ruled by emotion , the stranger dies. In conclusion, if man can not control his emotions with his intellect, then man as a species will become extinct.

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