The Global Liberal Order VS The President of the united States…or a Great Year for Soros.

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The Liberal Global Order (LGO)  is comprised mainly of the UN, Global Banks & Corporations and Media conglomerates, The Military Industrial Complex, and private foundations like the Council of Foreign Relations and Open Society have all spawned out of the Fabian Society of Socialists. Notice the Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. This is POWER and CONTROL […]

How Banking SHOULD Work. Pt1

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Fake Value. Money in itself is not value. Money is an instrument to transfer something that actually has value. Therefore, money should only be created to represent a specific item of value. Precious Metals used to be the standard of value, and banks were established to hold that gold securely. Due to it’s weight gold is […]

Banjo Dogma Part 2

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Inspired by this video, I wrote part two of the Banjo Dogma Regardless of your faith, or lack there of, all species are naturally prone to not only protect, but to expand their own species through reproduction. This is the order and balance of all that exist…. every effort taken by the non-human animal […]

Banjo Dogma Part One

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No religion is derived from a deity, they are all contrived by man. If one man is worthy of being spoken to by a God, then all men must be as worthy. No man has ever given witness to a deity speaking or otherwise, sending a message to another man; he is only told of […]