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Gibson Earl Scruggs Strings for Banjo (095-20) Price: $5.00 D’Addario J61 Medium Nickel Banjo Strings Price: $3.50 GHS JD Crowe Stage Stainless Steel 5-String Banjo Strings (Light) Price: $4.50 Absolute Beginners Banjo CD/Book Combo Price: $13.00 Gator GC-BANJO-XL Deluxe ABS Banjo Case Price: $99.99 eMedia Play Banjo Pack Price: $199.00 Epiphone MB-200 5-String Banjo – […]

Banjo Dogma Part 2

Inspired by this video, I wrote part two of the Banjo Dogma Regardless of your faith, or lack there of, all species are naturally prone to not only protect, but to expand their own species through reproduction. This is the order and balance of all that exist…. every effort taken by the non-human animal […]

Banjo Dogma Part One

No religion is derived from a deity, they are all contrived by man. If one man is worthy of being spoken to by a God, then all men must be as worthy. No man has ever given witness to a deity speaking or otherwise, sending a message to another man; he is only told of […]

Why Can’t You Think For Yourself. Pt 1

Original thought, it is all but extinct. In the upper echelon of the “Social Pyramid of Power” , there are the celebrities. Rich beyond their wildest dreams, living life in a lavish style. They deliver to us televised entertainment and information. We love them, we cherish them, so much so, that the loss of a […]


I found Mark on Facebook after 30 years or so, and was amazed by some song bios that trailed down his timeline for years. We attended Earle B. Wood Jr. High School together, and had many similar interests then, and have grown old sharing a love for the old music which spans America’s history and gives […]


DESOLATION ROW   “Desolation Row” is a 1965 song written and sung by Bob Dylan. It was recorded on August 4, 1965 and released as the closing track of Dylan’s sixth studio album, Highway 61 Revisited. It has been noted for its length (11:21) and surreal lyrics in which Dylan weaves characters from history, fiction, […]


DIDN’T IT RAIN   “Didn’t It Rain”, sometimes given as “Oh, Didn’t It Rain”, is an American gospel song. It originated as a Negro spiritual or work song, and appeared in sheet music for piano art song form in a 1919 arrangement by Henry Thacker Burleigh (1866–1949). Some of the most famous modern version were […]


FOUNTAIN OF SORROW   “Fountain of Sorrow” is a song written and performed by American singer-songwriter Jackson Browne. Released as the second single from his 1974 album Late for the Sky, at 6:42, it was the longest song on the album, and the longest song Browne had yet released (“For Everyman” was approximately 6:20). Two […]


LAS VEGAS (IN THE HILLS OF DONEGAL)   “Las Vegas (In the Hills of Donegal)” is a song by the Irish folk rock group Goats Don’t Shave. It was a top 10 hit for the band in 1992, reaching #4 on the Irish singles chart. The lyrics of the song tell of the speaker’s desire […]