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    “With God on Our Side” is a song by Bob Dylan, released as the third track on his 1964
    album The Times They Are AChangin’”. Dylan first performed the song during his
    debut appearance at The Town Hall in New York City on April 12, 1963. Dylan is known
    to sing the song only rarely in concert.
    The lyrics generally address the notion of humans that God or some other higher
    power(s) invariably sides with them and opposes those with whom they disagree, and
    thus they don’t question the morality of wars fought and atrocities committed by their
    country. Dylan mentions various wars and events from United States and world history,
    including the slaughter of Native Americans in the nineteenth century, the Spanish-
    American War, the American Civil War, World Wars I and II, the Holocaust, the Cold
    War, and the betrayal of Jesus Christ by Judas Iscariot. “With God on Our Side” plays
    over the closing credits of Oliver Stone‘s 2008 film W.
    Oh my name it is nothin’
    My age it means less
    The country I come from
    Is called the Midwest
    I’s taught and brought up there
    The laws to abide
    And that land that I live in
    Has God on its side.
    Oh the history books tell it
    They tell it so well
    The cavalries charged
    The Indians fell
    The cavalries charged
    The Indians died
    Oh the country was young
    With God on its side.
    I’ve learned to hate others
    All through my whole life
    If another war starts
    It’s them we must fight
    To hate them and fear them
    To run and to hide
    And except it all bravely
    With God on my side
    Oh the First World War, boys
    It closed out its fate
     The reason for fighting
  • I never got straight
    But I learned to accept it
    Accept it with pride
    For you don’t count the dead
    When God’s on your side.
    When the Second World War
    Came to an end
    We forgave the Germans
    And we were friends
    Though they murdered six million
    In the ovens they died
    The Germans now too
    Have God on their side.
    But now we got weapons
    Of chemical dust
    If fight them we’re forced to
    Then fight them we must
    One push of the button
    It shocked the world wide
    And you never ask questions
    When God’s on your side.
    In a many dark hour
    I’ve been thinkin’ about this
    That Jesus Christ
    Was betrayed by a kiss
    But I can’t think for you
    You’ll have to decide
    Whether Judas Iscariot
    Had God on his side.
    So now as I’m leavin’
    I’m weary as Hell
    The confusion I’m feelin’
    Ain’t no tongue can tell
    My words fill they air
    They fall to the floor
    That if God’s on our side
    He’ll stop the next war

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