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“Waiting for a Train” was the first country mega-hit, it was recorded in 1929 by Jimmie
Rodgers. It is interesting that “Waiting for a Train” was the most famous of a whole genre
of Depression-era songs that lionized the hobo and the bum. Since then, the most popular
music has mostly worshipped youth, money, and success. Merle Haggard did a famous
recording of it as well as a UK rock band called Flash in the Pan (which I guess they
All around the water tank, waiting for a train
A thousand miles away from home, sleeping in the rain
I walked up to a brakeman just to give him a line of talk
He said “If you got money, boy, I’ll see that you don’t walk
I haven’t got a nickel, not a penny can I show
“Get off, get off, you railroad bum” and slammed the boxcar door
He put me off in Texas, a state I dearly love
The wide open spaces all around me, the moon and the stars up above
Nobody seems to want me, or lend me a helping hand
I’m on my way from Frisco, going back to Dixieland
My pocket book is empty and my heart is full of pain
I’m a thousand miles away from home just waiting for a train

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