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“Derived from the influential guitar music of 18th century Spain, this waltz was quite
popular with American guitarists of the 1800s, and numerous arrangements were
published. Here are the first two parts of Henry Worral’s transcription, based on an 1860
version by J. and L. Peters. ‘Spanish Fandango’ is one of the true parent pieces in
American guitar music, and many recordings exist by many artist with many variations.
Here is one with words by Bob Wills from the 1930’s.
My Sweet Senorita, My own Sweet Chiquita
Let’s dance once again, The Spanish Fandango
I long for the charms of your lovinâ arms
So come let’s begin the Spanish Fandango
Hold me once more as we glide cross the floor
It’s you I adore, my own Senorita
My light of the moon, let’s dance to the tune
Don’t end it too soon, The Spanish Fandango

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