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“Rain And Snow” was written by Dillard Chandler. The earliest version of “Rain and
Snow” is found in Sharp and Karpeles’ ‘English Folk Songs from the Southern
Appalachians. In 1963 Obray Ramsay recorded this song on the Prestige International
label, ‘Folksongs from the Three Laurels’. Ramsay’s version has been reissued on
Shanachie Records, also, “Roots of the Grateful Dead Various Artists”. The Grateful
Dead versions are based on Ramsay’s and perhaps was influenced by Peter Rowan, who
sang the “Rain and Snow” with Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys in the mid 60’s.
The Dead have recorded many live versions of “Cold Rain and Snow” plus one
instrumental. This is another “white blues” from the same general region of the
Appalachians that both Doc Boggs and Charlie Poole lyrics sprang.
I married me a wife, she gave me trouble all my life
Put me out in the cold rain and snow, rain and snow
Out in the cold rain and snow
Well, I’ve done all I can do to try to get along with you
No longer can I stay, can I stay
No longer can I stay
See her trippin’ down the stairs, combing back her long yeller hair
My love’s got cheeks like a rose; like a rose
My love’s got cheeks like a rose
She went into her room, where she met her fateful doom
Goin’ where those chilly winds don’t blow, winds don’t blow
I’m Going where those chilly winds don’t blow

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