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“Pig in a Pen” is a fantastic bluegrass tune on the fantastic album “Old & In the Way” by
the band of the same name. Members were Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Peter Rowan,
Vasser Clements and John Khan. Some of the words are hard to make out. It is credited as
a “traditional” song.
I got a pig at home in a pen, corn to feed ‘im on
All I need is a pretty little girl to feed ‘im when I’m gone;
Goin’ on the mountain to sow a little cane
Raise a barrel of Sorghum to sweeten old Liza Jane;
*When she sees me comin’, she wrings her hands and cries
Yonder comes the sweetest boy that ever lived or died;
*Now when she sees me leavin’, she wrings her hands and cries
Yonder goes the meanest boy that ever lived or died;
Black cloud’s a-risin’, surest sign of rain
Get the old grey bonnet on Little Liza Jane;
Yonder comes that gal of mine, how you think I know
Can tell by that Gingham gown hangin’ down so low;
Bake them biscuits lady, bake ’em good ‘n brown
When you get them biscuits baked, we’re Alabamy bound

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