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“Blue Yodel #8” (a.k.a. “Mule Skinner Blues”, “Muleskinner Blues”, and “Muleskinner’s
Blues”) is a classic country song written by Jimmie Rodgers and first recorded by him in
1930 It has been recorded by many artists since then, acquiring the de facto title “Mule
Skinner Blues” after Rodgers named it “Blue Yodel #8” (one of his Blue Yodels) Some
versions list “George Vaughn” as a co-author; the name is a pseudonym for Vaughn
Horton, who wrote the new lyrics for Bill Monroe’s “New Mule Skinner Blues” the
second verson recorded by Monroe.) . He boasts of his skills: “I can pop my ‘nitials on a
mule’s behind” and hopes for “a dollar and a half a day”. He directs the water boy to
“bring some water round”.
Good morning captain
Good morning shine
Do you need another muleskinner
Out on your new mud line
I’m an old muleskinner
Up from California way
I can make any mule listen
And I won’t accept your pay
Hey, litle water boy
Won’t won’t you bring your water round
If you don’t like your job
You can put your water bucket down


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