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  • Kokomo Arnold was an American blues musician. Arnold received his nickname in 1934
    after releasing “Old Original Kokomo Blues” for the Decca label; it was a cover of the
    Scrapper Blackwell blues song about the Kokomo brand of coffee.[1] A left-handed slide
    guitarist, his intense slide style of playing and rapid-fire vocal style set him apart from his
    contemporaries. Arnold’s “Milk Cow Blues” was covered by Aerosmith on their 1977
    album, Draw the Line; and became Milk Cow Blues Boogie“, as performed by Elvis
    Presley. In 1938 Arnold left the music industry and began to work in a Chicago factory.
    Rediscovered by blues researchers in 1962, he showed no enthusiasm for returning to
    music to take advantage of the new explosion of interest in the blues among young white
    Well I woke up this mornin’
    Looked outdoors
    I can tell my milk cow
    I can tell by the way she lows
    If you see my milk cow
    Please drive her on home
    Cuz I ain’t had no milk and butter
    Since That cow been gone
    Well you gotta treat me right honey
    Day by Day
    Get out your little prayer book
    Get down upon your knees and pray
    Cuz you’re going to need me
    You’re gonna need my help someday
    Lord you’re going to be sorry
    You treated me this way
    Ooh now take it away boys
    Sail on, Sail on, Sail on milk cow, Sail on
    Sail on, Sail on, Sail on milk cow, Sail on
    You’re gonna keep right on to sailing
    Till you lose your happy home
    Well good evening
    Don’t that sun look good going down
    I said well good evening
    Don’t that sun look good going down
    Don’t that ol’ army cot look lonely
    When your lover ain’t no place around

    Well I tried everything baby

  • To get along with you
    Now I’m gonna tell you
    What I’m gonna do
    I’m gonna stop my cryin’
    Gonna leave you alone
    And if you don’t think I’m leavin big momma
    Just count the days I’m gone
    You ain’t gonna see me
    You ain’t gonna see my sweet face no more
    Lord you gonna be wondering honey
    Where in this world I’ve gone
    Milk cow blues

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