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The “Jarabe Tapatío”, known in English as the “Mexican Hat Dance”, is the title of the
musical piece and the dance that accompanies it, which is accorded the title of the
“national dance of Mexico“. In the Spanish language, jarabe is a sort of dance, and the
adjective tapatío indicates something from Guadalajara, Jalisco. The musical piece, a
medley of Mexican folk music, was composed in the 19th century by a professor of
music in Guadalajara, Jesús González Rubio. The Jarabe Tapatío dance in its
standardized form was first choreographed by the Mexican Felipa Lopez, in the early
twentieth century to celebrate a government-sponsored fiesta that commemorated the
successful end of the Mexican Revolution. Since then it has become a folk dance popular
throughout Mexico and the Southwestern United States as a symbol of the national pride
and honor of the Mexican people.

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