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How Government Should Work pt9

Before I summarize how government SHOULD work, lets bring all the previous points of thought together in what I hope will clarify my intended conclusion.

A human is a life form, all life forms possess survival instincts which they utilize to maintain the existence of their particular species.

Empathy and Intellect are the human life form’s distinctive and unique instincts that determine the difference between man and beast.

Intellect with Reason gives man the exclusive ability to change his environment, instead of adapting to it.

Empathy is what guides a human’s interaction with other humans.

Humans are plagued by the duality of their being,  one instinct which will take a life of another to survive, and a second instinct to feel strife at the loss of life.

Balance is a necessity of life, not a goal.

If Empathy is our moral compass for the extremity of our actions toward others, then it would tend to be strongest felt at close range, after all it’s hard to empathize with something you have little knowledge of, or are not directly effected.

So how government SHOULD work is in a manner, that provides the most viable condition of existence for the governed, by obtaining a balance of empathy and intellect in it’s purpose,  the community’s survival.

The government SHOULD be the collective mind of the community. However, with Empathy having limitations of distance. The further apart you are from the institution, the empathy that institution has for you, is naturally diminished. Empathy is derived from Reaction to an Action. The proximity, of the source of action, is in direct relativity to the effect of the Reaction. The lesser that effect, the less empathy is experienced. One may or may not deduct that localized forms of government SHOULD be more capable of obtaining balance for those subjects closest to them. An individual has a far better chance at success petitioning his mother for the nightly meal, than someone else’s mother across the ocean. As well as a mother is far more concerned about providing food to her own children, with little concern about how someone she has never met is feeding their child.



How Government Should Work- Conclusion

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