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How Government Should Work pt8


Duality is .

Left-Right, Right-Wrong,Love-Hate,Peace-War,Freedom-Captivity,Black-White,Up-Down,Action-Reaction,Man-Woman,Have-Have not.

The list can go on…

We live in a world of duality, so much so, that even the majority of singluar life forms are made up of different pairs of parts, one half symmetric to the other. Two humans can unite to create another completely independent human. Each of which has to belong to the correct symmetrical half of the unity, or no procreation takes place. This principle can be applied to other contrasting pairs  around us. You can mix yellow, and it’s opposite color blue and render green, it’s own color. Mix blue with blue, and you yield nothing, you are still blue. Flight is impossible with only one wing. It is in obtaining and maintaining true balance of the duality in nature, that would result in the most viable condition of existence.  Let that sink in

The individual human, and the human family, and the community are challenged with balancing their primary instincts Empathy, and Survival. It is obvious to anyone why the instinct of survival exists in any creature, the fear of his own mortality requires little reasoning prior to action. If a man is drowning, he doesn’t have to reason why he should cling to floating object. If he is hungry, he doesn’t have to engage in self debate about taking the life of a beast to provide nourishment. Empathy however is not so blatant as to it’s advantage in our staying alive. Pairing Empathy with Intellect,  the two things that set us apart as the unique species that we are, should by the principle of duality yield a balance. The balance being the “most viable condition of existence”.



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