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How Government Should Work pt7

Recapping once again, we have man’s Survival through  Reason,  which results in community.

We have Money and Banking , which sets the standard of value and the control of that value.

We have Law and Order which maintains community stability.


Now that we have established that there is a power structure existing naturally in a community, and that using our gift of reason, can admit that equality between individuals varies. When one man possesses a considerably greater quantity of valuables, weapons, or intelligence than another man, the outcome of any head to head confrontation would be obvious, rendering the comparison of the two, anything but equal.

Wisdom comes only from what one reasons during each life experience. Wealth comes only from accumulation of value through that experience.

Another perfectly natural  instinct of survival through reason, is Need. A person Needs food or shelter and Survival will motivate them to obtain both. The longer one goes lacking either, the greater this feeling of Need becomes, until it reaches a point of desperation. Somewhere along this path, Reason will clearly convince this person that Empathy must once again be abandoned for Survival. This act is known as theft, and is naturally opposed by order. Homicide may be utilized to complete the theft, or property damage, or other casualties of war. I say war, because there is only relativity of the measure of force. War is one entity using force to obtain something of value from the other entity, be it mono y mono or army vs army.

So all of the qualities that man possess to ensure his survival, are possessed by other men, who are ensuring their survival. Empathy for either faction has been abandoned, and man has become both predator and prey within his own species. No logic can claim this scenario as bad or good, but since it is the true nature of man to act in these manners, then this outcome is the naturally intended outcome.  Survival of the Fittest is the golden rule of nature, because absence of man’s ability to reason, All plants’ and creatures’ existence are subject to the same rule. Reason and thought, coupled with opposable  thumbs gives it the appearance of something much more complex.

Those who reach the upper echelon of value accumulation, will naturally and always set empathy aside to secure their now comfortable lifestyle. This can only be accomplished by controlling those who could one day , any day, threaten the things that you have accumulated.  The more people you have beneath your stature, the greater becomes the threat, so the need for control becomes greater. So security comes through control. To control the community, you need to control the wealth and power that they are able to accumulate. If you control the money system, you can control the wealth, if you control the law, then you constrain behavior. Once you control both Value and Behavior, you control the community.  Value is controlled through banking, or throttling the supply. Behavior is controlled by Fear. The Wisest know not only that a man will react, but how he will react to certain stimuli. So the order is maintained by keeping a balance of fear and contentment.

Order is arguably, the method of stabilizing the power structure, resulting in the most successful remaining in control.  So logic once again dictates that complete control, means complete security.



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