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How Government Should Work pt6


Prior to moving forward, let’s recap what has been stated in the preceding segments of this journal.

A human being’s natural priority of life is his own Survival, with his primary asset in doing so ,being his ability to Reason his thoughts.

A Family’s natural benefit and priority is to ensure that Survival, through both procreation and cooperation to expand both the size of the family, and security of the same.

These traits are installed by nature into our physical and mental fabric. As in part 1, once again empathy for others, is in need of balance to thrive.

Armed with the  knowledge of homicide, each family if fully aware that another family, could grow stronger and bigger than another family, and justify a setting aside of Empathy to ensure their Survival.

Through time a family can grow large enough to form tribe through marriages to other families and agreements/treaties to unify through mingling bloodlines and creating the ability to increase the size of a family exponentially, which is much more rapid than biological reproduction.  The results of inbreeding confirms that this method is the natural and intended way to exist.

Tribes are ruled by the oldest where Reason is most beneficial to the tribe, OR by the most powerful, when that is needed for Survival. More than often, councils are formed of both the wisest reasoners, and the strongest warriors.

What morphs out of this natural process of man’s Reasoned Survival is a power structure.  The tribe becomes a village, then a town, and into a realm. There can be no true equality among all men in this situation. The community establishes by tradition, a code of conduct, the law. This conduct produces order, and the result is law and order.



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