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How Government Should Work- Conclusion

The equal distribution of all natural forces (gravity, velocity, centrifugal, etc) are what establish and maintain a natural balance.

The planet revolves and rotates, but the balance of gravity vs centrifugal force keeps us from flying away and at the same time allows us to move freely about the surface.

Balance is taken away, when one force is in excess or lack of it’s action. This causes other forces to react in an effort to maintain the balance. It is at this point, that the balance becomes un-natural, and continuing the status-quo becomes more complicated and more difficult to achieve.

When government proceeds to bring balance within the community, the LESS it is provoked to act, the easier it is to accomplish it’s purpose. Again proximity of the governed is crucial to keeping the balance feasible. For example, if you are tasked with balancing a board that is one foot in length, on a surface that is six inches wide; the task is simple. If the board would be ten feet long, and balance was attempted on the same six inch wide surface, it will become immediately apparent that achieving equilibrium requires a significantly increased amount of effort.  If I were to take a loaf of bread across the street and give it to my neighbor, he would have the entire loaf. If I had to take the same loaf to a person who resided a great distance from me, he would get much less of the loaf, because I had to sustain myself during the logistical phase.

The most logical form of balance and that which is most easily maintained is the pendulum. To remain balanced, a pendulum needs no effort what so ever. Only when an action affects it, does it lose it’s balance, it immediately re-establishes  balance by releasing the energy applied little by little on each side until complete depletion and balance returns to stillness and perfect center.

This can be, or was personified by those two brothers, Cain and Able. It heavily relates to another point from earlier, of how many intercedes his environment. Able represents balance through lack of action, and has faith that Nature will provide him his needs, and he adapts to his environment. Cain is the representation of applying forces which create an artificial environment. A perfect representation of the inner conflict of nature, it’s duality and it’s need for balance in order to be viable. Cain is intellect, Able is Empathy.

I’ve have tried to approach this article with as little clutter as possible.

It is my conclusive answer to the the question,”How is government supposed to work?”  in as simple an answer as I can give, required 10 segments prelude.

Government should work like a pendulum,  no action, only reaction and it’s only reaction is to  return itself to center with less action than was originally generated to create the imbalance.

No authoritarian government should ever be established that is too large to maintain empathy for it’s citizens . Small localized governments should be established and if there is a need , agreements should be made between these entities, never establishing or relinquishing any power outside of that agreement.




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