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How Government Should Work pt5

I have but glanced upon the nature of government, and nature of man, and to further expound would lead off into many topics. I think I have provided a good  introduction for moving into the topics in the upcoming posts, under this title.

MONEY – The Strongest of Chains.

The rich get richer… and so on.

What is Money.  Money is supposed to be an instrument to provide universal value to a unit of measure. Simply one penny has the value of one penny to one man as it has to the next man.

It’s greatest asset being the method of trading one persons posession/service of value for an amount of units, and having to find or select a person with a value/posession which you desire to use.

So a farmer doesn’t have to take a truck load of hay to town in search of a man with a truck load of milk, that is willing to make the exchange. Commerce is the action of buying and selling values.

Once money was unified , the problem arose due to it’s lack of uniqueness. It became very preferred as the loot of choice, due to it’s untrackability.

So municipalities developed banks, where someone could keep their money and exchange the extra security received for the banker’s ability to loan the money out at interest. Banks needed to maintain stellar reputations as being able to make good on these loans, and to ensure that the investor would not suffer a loss.

However, bankers of low morals would loan out money that they didn’t have, and often triggered major losses for their trusting investors. State governments took over the banks until they could no longer be trusted to be honest, so the federal goverment stepped in and had their turn of ruining it further. So, since the global government hadn’t formed yet, the richest bankers in the world decided they could not risk the loss of their investments in these banks, they created an autonomous yet separate entity, entirely under their control, the Federal Reserve System.

They rapidly used this control to remove the precious metal reserve standards and also allowed for banks to loan moneys at a fractional reserve instead of dollar for dollar. Giving the banks the power to create money out of thin air.

Having stripped the government of it’s power to print it’s own currency, the United States must borrow from the bank to increase it’s growth, or collect it back from the public. This is where our National Debt is created. This is also why bankruptcy was created, it is in all reality impossible for all loans(money creation) to be repaid, because the interest never really existed as a tangible value. It won’t gain value until it is loaned back out as principle, and so on.

Conclusion: A banker is a man who can create money out of thin air.   His first priority is to make sure nobody competes. There are several billion people on earth and the banking systems throughout the planet all funnel back to less than 20 families.

This is why I stated earlier that we have not progressed pass that stage, and everything that we think is government is merely THEIR tool to insure prosperity and security of the power they reign.



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