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How Government Should Work pt4

There is one word, that can be used to summarize all of the different reasons, why humanity has reached it’s present day situation.


It is the single most important instinct of any species.

It’s easy to be plant or beast, there are no decisions in life, all action and interaction is based solely on instinctual reflex. Pets, who are often given human consideration and status, still lack any intelligence, other than reacting to a stimulus in  a manner which receives praise, and not a scolding.  Humans possess this very same method of being trained or “learning” as they prefer to call it. However there exists a facet of learning that sets man above the other animals ,which can also be put in a single word.


Here in lies the imperfection of man. The evolution of thought was our supreme characteristic over domain. So we thought.

Reason without boundaries other than our own conscience.

This new found intelligence in early man was his key to survival. Humans didn’t have thick skins, big claws, sharp teeth, or any real physical characteristics to survive in what must have been the harshest of environments. He couldn’t run fast, jump high , or fly away, so his fight or flight instincts were most often chosen for him.

Knowing this one must deduct that man’s initial scope of thought was to develop a way to defend himself against a planet of predatory animals and harsh terrains. If necessity is the “mother of invention” then man’s first invention was to develop a weapon. Secondarily tools, for building and processing the needs of living.

Imminently, man used one of these weapons to kill another man. Regardless of the motivation for the act, the true impact was the effect it had on the person who killed, and the persons that realize the capability of the act.

If you are drifting to thoughts of Cain and Able while reading this don’t feel alone. Within that story is the basis, of the primary conflict, of conscience existence. You see the ancient beliefs which are the foundation of Freemasonry and the mystery religions, secret societies, luciferianism, etc. convey that Cain was the offspring of the serpent in Eden, and Able was Adams only biological offspring at the time. The serpent giving man the “knowledge ” or Reason bore a son who’s heritage was this intellect. Able was born of Yahweh and “provided by God” for his Survival who’s providence was to flourish from what the creator had already given him .

Since, biblically all of humanity came from these humans, then all of humanity possesses a conflicting mix of Reason and Survival which both benefits man’s existence, but may very well be his destruction.


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