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    This song dates back to at least the 1880s. In some collections it is referred to as a British
    ballad but no version has ever been ‘collected’ in the field in Britain. It was preformed by
    the Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers in San Carlos on June 11th 1962. The lyrics used by the
    Sleepy Hollow Hog Stompers are as follows.
    When I was young and foolish
    Swore I never would marry
    I met up with a pretty little girl
    Surely we got married
    Along come a-dink come a-dary
    Prettiest girl that ever I saw
    Her name was Devilish Mary
    We both were young and foolish
    She was just a girly
    On one word we did agree
    The wedding day was Thursday
    Hadn’t been married but about six weeks
    She got as mean as a devil
    Every time I looked cross-eyed
    She hit me in the head with a shovel
    We hadn’t been married but about six weeks
    We decided to be parted
    She packed up all her duds
    And down the road she started
    Fill my back with old soap suds
    Fill my back with stitches
    Next I would marry a girl
    She can wear the britches
  • If I ever marry another girl
    It’ll be for love not riches
    Marry a little girl about four feet high
    So she can wear my britches

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