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“Columbus Stockade Blues” made famous the unlikely Columbus-based duo who first
recorded it, Tom Darby and Jimmie Tarlton. Darby gave the song its weathered, world-
weary voice. Tarlton played a slide guitar in the background, adding a sound that was
certainly no stranger to black blues music but was practically unheard of in white country
songs until then. The song also drove the two apart, most people think, due to conflicts
over its authorship or the money it made for people who were named neither Darby nor
Tarlton. Both men claimed to have written the song. People who knew the musicians fall
into different camps, and they’ve all got their anecdotal evidence to back them. In truth,
neither man might have been able to make the true claim of authorship.
Way down in Columbus Georgia
Want to be back in Tennessee
Way down in Columbus stockade
My friends all turned their backs on me
Go and leave me if you wish to
Never let it cross your mind
In your heart you love another
Leave me, little darling. I don’t mind
Last night as I lay sleeping
I dreamt I held you in my arms
When I woke I was mistaken
I was peering through the bars
Go and leave me if you wish to…
Many a night with you I’ve rambled
Many an hour with you I’ve spent
Thought I had your heart forever
Now I find ‘t was only lent
Go and leave me if you wish to.


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