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Church Street Blues

 “Church Street Blues” is a song written by Tony Rice. Tony Rice is an acoustic guitarist
  • and bluegrass musician. Rice spans the range of acoustic music, from traditional
    bluegrass to jazz-influenced “Spacegrass” music, to songwriter-oriented folk. Over the
    course of his career, he has played alongside J. D. Crowe and the New South, David
    Grisman (during the formation of “Dawg Music”) and Jerry Garcia, led his own Tony
    Rice Unit, collaborated with Norman Blake and recorded with his brothers. He has
    recorded with drums, piano, soprano sax, as well as with traditional Bluegrass
    Lord I been hangin’ out of town in that low down rain
    Watchin’ good time Charlie friend is drivin’ me insane
    Down on shady Charlotte Street the green lights look red
    Wish I was back home on the farm in my feather bed.
    Get myself a rockin’ chair
    To see if I can lose
    Them thin dime hard times
    Hell on Church Street blues.
    Found myself a picker friend who’s read yesterday’s news
    Folded up page twenty-one and stuck it in my shoe
    Gave a nickle to the poor my good turn for the day
    Folded up my own little folder threw it far away.
    Lord I wish I had some guitar strings Old Black Diamond brand
    I’d string up this old Martin box and go and join some band
    But I guess I’ll just stay right here just pick and sing a while
    Try to make me a little change and give them folks a smile.


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