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World War 3 Started this week

YOU should be asking WHY the media hasn’t told you, that globalist bankers have successfully, started World War 3. because they want to talk about genitalia.
Before you scroll down, ponder this.
In The Year 2000 There Were Eight Countries Without A Rothschild-Owned Central Bank: They were Afghanistan, Russia, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, Syria, North Korea and Iran.
Immediately after Afghanistan , Iraq and Libya were taken, a Rothchild Central bank was established.
Does the list sound familiar, it should. The elites have made sure that your opinion has already been formed.
Crimea suffered a CIA installed coup in 2014, Russia, who’s Black fleet naval ships were stationed near Kiev, entered to protect it’s interests. This and proceeding events have now evolved into the spin that you have and will be hearing about how evil(?) Putin invaded;
Last month, a seize fire was agreed to between Russia and US,
The US broke that agreement, to expedite control over an air base. Then an aid convoy was destroyed by what US officials determined to be an air strike by Russia, which turned out to be false, and was most likely done by ISIS. a week later the Russian embassy in Damascus was shelled w/ mortars, also by the US supported terrorists.
Then the US threatened to make Syria a no Fly zone, which by a US generals opinion would surely begin a US Russian war.
Russia, then beat the US to the punch and has called their own no fly policy over Syria, which means if a US plane flies over Syria, it will be shot down.
2 gun fighters stand in the center of town now, posed for the draw, it’s just a matter of who blinks.
IT’s ALL ABOUT THE BANK, taking control of the global monetary system. All other news or rationalization is political theater.
Trump is a negotiator and the ONLY hope to ease these tensions.
His first mention of having talks with Putin, and they immediately start selling him as a Russian Spy/Sympathizer. LOL
Clinton will do whatever the banks tell her to do.
Read up on the latest email dump to prove this to your self.
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Hillary Clinton supported how valid my post is in tonight’s debate. She tried to align Putin and Trump as somehow allied against her, She even went as far as to say, that Russia is Pro Donald J. Trump . She further demonized Russia’s presence in Syria, and touted she would establish a no fly zone which is synonymous with “act of war” This issue should be front and center and the priority of discussion. But the moderators set the tone with genitalia.The Podesta email dump clearly shows, she is in bed with the global banks,