I found Mark on Facebook after 30 years or so, and was amazed by some song bios that trailed down his timeline for years. We attended Earle B. Wood Jr. High School together, and had many similar interests then, and have grown old sharing a love for the old music which spans America’s history and gives […]

How Banking SHOULD Work. Pt1

Fake Value. Money in itself is not value. Money is an instrument to transfer something that actually has value. Therefore, money should only be created to represent a specific item of value. Precious Metals used to be the standard of value, and banks were established to hold that gold securely. Due to it’s weight gold is […]

The Government of Religion and Banking pt1

Now that I have explained how I think government SHOULD work , based on nature and it’s relationship to man, I want to try to explain where things are today, and how we arrived here. Man’s most toxic product derived as a result of, manipulating his environment to adapt to his needs.  Willfullness. Once an […]

How government should work. part 1

What is government? In a most basic response , government is an entity which controls it’s subject’s lives. To the degree in which government exercises this control is a variable. Logically, one would deduct, that the degree of control, should be a direct reaction to the subject’s capacity for self control. The most basic form […]

Shop for a Banjo

Gibson Earl Scruggs Strings for Banjo (095-20) Price: $5.00 D’Addario J61 Medium Nickel Banjo Strings Price: $3.50 GHS JD Crowe Stage Stainless Steel 5-String Banjo Strings (Light) Price: $4.50 Absolute Beginners Banjo CD/Book Combo Price: $13.00 Gator GC-BANJO-XL Deluxe ABS Banjo Case Price: $99.99 eMedia Play Banjo Pack Price: $199.00 Epiphone MB-200 5-String Banjo – […]

Banjo Dogma Part 2

Inspired by this video, I wrote part two of the Banjo Dogma https://www.facebook.com/prageru/videos/1274574019252118/ Regardless of your faith, or lack there of, all species are naturally prone to not only protect, but to expand their own species through reproduction. This is the order and balance of all that exist…. every effort taken by the non-human animal […]

Banjo Dogma Part One

No religion is derived from a deity, they are all contrived by man. If one man is worthy of being spoken to by a God, then all men must be as worthy. No man has ever given witness to a deity speaking or otherwise, sending a message to another man; he is only told of […]

Why Can’t You Think For Yourself. Pt 1

Original thought, it is all but extinct. In the upper echelon of the “Social Pyramid of Power” , there are the celebrities. Rich beyond their wildest dreams, living life in a lavish style. They deliver to us televised entertainment and information. We love them, we cherish them, so much so, that the loss of a […]